Published On: Sat, May 7th, 2016

Café Shops in London

Café Shops in London1As the capitals city of England and the United Kingdom, London is really a wonderful city in the world, and the beautiful scenery, the incomparable colleges and the delicate food attract lots of people all over the world come to visit this city. After the restaurants in London, here I present you several wonderful café shops in the city, and those people who love coffees can have a try. The people in London get accustomed to drink coffees when they are working and chatting with friends.

Generally speaking, there are various kinds of coffee shops in the city, and the most famous one must be the shop Look Mum No Hands, and lots of local people hold the view that this shop has the most inspired name. People come to this shop just not for drinking their delicious coffees, and they also enjoy the games, the events and the performance in the shop. You can see lots of people drinking their coffees with chatting with other people in the restaurant. Besides, the savory, beer and sweet delicacies are also pretty good in the restaurant.

Another café shop in London is Lock 7 Cycle Café, which is regarded as the first cycle café in London and the feature of this café shop is there are large space for the cyclist in the city. Usually people will come to this shop to mend his bike and then buy some necessities, and sometimes they also drink several cup of coffees with taste several food with their friends.

Rapha Cycle Club is also a very popular place people love drinking coffees and this café shop is considered as the most stylish cycle café. You can find large space to leave your bike in the interior of the space, and people love drinking coffees with watching the live events and chatting with their friends.

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