Death Valley & San Pedro de Atacama

Death Valley

As its name, Death Valley is a more extreme existence than Moon Valley. Locals claim that it has not rained in 400 years. Because of the wide terrain of Moon Valley, people will not feel too nervous in it. But Death Valley is different. The clay here has been piled into hills over the long years of accumulation, undulating and deep on the surface. More...

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Moon Valley

In the world’s dry pole Atacama Desert, the rolling sand hills seem to rise directly from the water of the Pacific Ocean, like a giant yellow beasts lying on their sides by sea. The snow volcano stands More...

Atacama Desert
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The world’s driest pole, 400 years no rain

Chile is the slimmest country in the world: 4300 kilometers long from north to south, the average width from east to west is only 200 kilometers. In this narrow country, two mountain ranges with completely different More...