Mayan Legends by the Caribbean Sea 2


After all, Sunny Beach is not the focus of my trip. What I am really interested in are the Mayan monuments hidden in the sea and jungle around Cancun, especially the mysterious Mayan pyramids and the legends about the Quetzalcoatl. If I go out of the hotel and will not know where to go. So i asked the hotel reception, the girl at the reception told More...

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Caribbean scenery
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Mayan Legends by the Caribbean Sea 1

Cancun is a famous tourist city in Mexico. It is located in the northern Caribbean Sea and the northeastern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. In my opinion, in addition to the more monuments, this place is More...

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Trip to Mexico City

At the present time, Mexico City has become a very popular travel destination in the world, and the climate in Mexico City is very suitable for traveling around. Due to the high altitude, the summer in Mexico City More...

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City Escapes in Mexico

Officially called as the United Mexican States, Mexico is one of the largest countries in terms of size located in the Americas. Mexico is composed of 31 states blessed with a rich heritage, long history, as well More...

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Palenque-A Small Maya Site In Mexico

As a small Maya site in Mexico, Palenque has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Although much smaller than the sites at Copan or Tikal, Palenque boasts some of the most intricate carvings in More...

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Must-See Attractions in Mexico City

With about 20 million people living in the region, Mexico City is one of the largest cities around the world. Mexico City also provides you the chance for visitors to see the works of Diego Rivera, which one of More...

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Top All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico

As a popular holiday destination, Mexico provides all-inclusive holidays, which are preferred by tourists who need to know how much their vacation will cost ahead of time. It is necessary for travelers to check More...

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Cancun-A Tropical Paradise

Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Cancun is a popular tourist destination, which is considered as a tropical paradise blessed with its gorgeous beaches, water sports, coral reef, as well as party opportunities. More...

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Safety Tips for Travelling to Cancun

As one of the most popular tourist spots in Mexico, Cancún is infamous all over the world for the various problems that tourists face concerning their health and safety. If you are planning a trip to Cancún, here More...

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Tips for Traveling to Mexico

As one of the most sought after countries around the world, Mexico is both exciting, as well as challenging at the same time. Whether it is the first time for your trip or not, Mexico will seem different to you More...