Death Valley & San Pedro de Atacama

Death Valley

As its name, Death Valley is a more extreme existence than Moon Valley. Locals claim that it has not rained in 400 years. Because of the wide terrain of Moon Valley, people will not feel too nervous in it. But Death Valley is different. The clay here has been piled into hills over the long years of accumulation, undulating and deep on the surface. More...

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Moon Valley

In the world’s dry pole Atacama Desert, the rolling sand hills seem to rise directly from the water of the Pacific Ocean, like a giant yellow beasts lying on their sides by sea. The snow volcano stands More...

Atacama Desert
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The world’s driest pole, 400 years no rain

Chile is the slimmest country in the world: 4300 kilometers long from north to south, the average width from east to west is only 200 kilometers. In this narrow country, two mountain ranges with completely different More...

Sky mirror
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The Mirror of the Sky Live Salt Hotel

The Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is known as the top ten most amazing scenic spots in the world. So what is the magic of this place called the “Mirror of the Sky”? The Mirror of the Sky is actually More...

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Eagle Road in the Andes

The Andes is the longest mountain range in the world, extending about 7,000 kilometers from north to south along the western edge of South America, while Peru is close to 2,000 kilometers. Therefore Peru is a paradise More...

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Cheap Trip to South America

For those people who plan to travel to Europe, the best choice is finding the low priced flight or the cheap hotel online, and if we can find the cheap flight, we definitely don’t need spend so much money. However, More...

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Amazing Trip to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is country famous for plenty of attractive places, and as a matter of fact, there is lots of interesting tourist sites in this place. The capital city of Costa Rica is San Jose, and lots of people all More...

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Where to Visit in Ecuador

Ecuador is a country located in the northwest area in South America, and this country is not a very popular travel destination all over the world, but there are many wonderful places in this country you can visit. More...

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Famous Landmarks in Chile

Chile has a variety of chances when it comes to sightseeing. Chile is home to a wealth of amazing place to explore. Chile is composed of impressive mountains and volcanoes, impressive fjords, picturesque lakes, More...

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Must-Go Tourist Destinations in Chile

Chile is a popular tourist destination where offers a variety of things to do as well as a wealth of popular places to explore for tourists of all ages. If you go to explore those tourist sites when travel to Chile, More...