Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Enjoy the Happy Time in Dahab

Enjoy the Happy Time in Dahab2Dahab is one country located in Egypt, and in the past few years, it also has become a very attractive and popular travel destination. Generally speaking, when people pay a visit to Egypt, the most famous and popular places they will go to are the Red Sea and the Pyramids of Cairo. The Red Sea is definitely the most famous tourist site, and the Pyramids of Cairo are the sites you can learn more about the culture and history of the country. Except these famous tourist sites, Dohab is also a place with lots of attractions, and Dahab is one seaside town, which is very quiet and secluded.

If you want to watch the beautiful sea views, Dohab is really a wonderful place you should visit, and usually people can get there by taking jeep or hiking in the desert. The beaches in Dohab are golden and this place is also famous for its market of the most precious metal in the world. The Gulf of Aqaba is very popular among windsurfers, and you can pay a visit to here to experience the windsurfing activities. The Papyrus Museum is another must-visit place in Dohab, and this museum is extremely famous and popular, which has attracts lots of tourists to come to pay a visit.

After traveling to the museum, you can start a trip with camels, and next you can reach the reef to appreciate the beautiful Australian reef. The Blue Hole is a very deep hole, and inside the hole, you can find a large variety of fishes in the world. As for those people who love activities, snorkeling is very popular in Dohab, and you can snorkel in the Blue Hole and touch close with the various kinds of fishes. Hope you enjoy your happy time in Dohab.

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