Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

Moon Valley

In the world’s dry pole Atacama Desert, the rolling sand hills seem to rise directly from the water of the Pacific Ocean, like a giant yellow beasts lying on their sides by sea. The snow volcano stands silent and majestic at the junction of heaven and earth, and the endless salt-alkali land is full of murderous air.

The most special area is the Moon Valley. Its geographical structure is like the moon. The combination of small slopes and shallow pits is varied, covering the entire surface. The natural sculptures eroded by the combined force of wind, sand, river and salt are strange and mysterious, so they are given by geographers. A romantic and beautiful name-Moon Valley.

Every day there is a sunset group trip from the nearby town of San Pedro to the Moon Valley. People in the world who love to travel and adventure sing songs, take wine to the moon, sit on high hills and watch the sun Gradually fell.

The sunset became longer and longer, getting closer and closer to the ground, Bumpy ground makes the shadow change a lot. In front of such a spectacular beauty, people watching the sunset are extremely quiet, surprised by the magic of nature and forgetting to say.

The lovers snuggled each other and watched the sunset. At a glance, what a wonderful memory?

As a world-famous new world of wine, Chile’s wines are delicious and cheap. How can a romantic tour group lack this element? The caring guide took out the dry white wine from the ice bucket, and we had a sip of the amber wine in front of the sunset on the moon. It was the ultimate experience.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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