Published On: Mon, Aug 31st, 2020

Moscow Metro

Before I went to Russia, I heard many people describe that how terrifying the Moscow subway is and how difficult it is to transfer. Of course, there are plenty of reasons, such as:

  1. Moscow Metro has no English station names, only Russian;
  2. The Moscow Metro only uses Russian to report stations, not English;
  3. The same station and different lines of the Moscow Metro will have different station names.

So, is this true?

After sitting for many times in Moscow, I can responsibly tell everyone that the third item above is true, and some stations have 4 outrageous names!

The second is inaccurate, probably because the World Cup was held in Russia. In order to cope with the influx of fans and tourists from all over the world, the bus will not only report the station name in English, but also have electronic display scrolling displays on some lines. English name of the next stop.

The Moscow Metro connects major public places in Moscow. Most landmark buildings have subway stations, marked with a red “M”.

The Moscow Metro has automatic ticket vending machines. Cash (small denominations) and credit cards can be used, but only single (55 rubles) and round-trip (110 rubles) can be purchased. 20 tickets, one-day tickets, three-day tickets, annual tickets, etc. are required Go to the window to buy. The good news is that there is a window guarded by English-speaking people. On match days, you can also take the subway for free with fanid.

It is recommended to use Google Maps to determine the number of stops, and then ask a few more people to determine the direction. After arriving at the station, it is easier. Looking at the marks on the ground, it will clearly point to the route and exit you want to transfer.

The Moscow Metro was originally built for combat readiness. Most of the lines are built below 50 meters above the ground. The elevators are very steep and fast, so you must stay on the right and stand firmly. Remember not to stand on the left, which is reserved for fast Of people who passed.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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