Published On: Thu, Oct 22nd, 2015

Natural Wonders in Alberta

Natural-Wonders-in-Alberta1Alberta is a popular tourist destination in Canada home to a wealth of natural resorts waiting for you to explore, such as Sylvan Lake, Pembina River Provincial Park, and Aspen Beach,just to name a few. Therefore, here are some of them for your reference:

Sylvan Lake. As a town in central Alberta, Canada, Sylvan Lake is situated 25 kilometers west of the City of Red Deer. With the length of 15 kilometers long, Sylvan Lake is a freshwater lake located in Red Deer County. The Sylvan Lake is a popular hotspot, attracting a large number of tourists from around Alberta and visited by more than 1.5 million visitors every year. Here you will never run out of tourist activities to do, such as sunbathing, water-skiing, swimming, and visiting the local Wild Rapids Waterslides.

Pembina River. The Pembina River Valley has a stunning magnificent view to offer. To float down the gentle current with Pembina River is the best way to explore the river. The Pembina River Valley offers you tube and life jacket rentals, along with shuttle service to bring you back to your vehicle. If you float down the river, you are offered the chance to marvel at a variety of wildlife, the 62 meter gorge created from the Ice Age, and surely you will have the joy of relaxing when passing this amazing and winding river.

Aspen Beach at Gull Lake. As a large lake located in central Alberta, Canada, Gull Lake is a welcoming recreational lake blessed with its southern shores taking pride of its large beautiful sandy beaches. There are a variety of activities to do when explore the Gull Lake, such as sunbathing, swimming, water-skiing, and so on. Just enjoy your wonderful monument!

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