Published On: Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

Pay a Visit to Toronto

Pay a Visit to Toronto2As the largest city located in Canada, Toronto is one very diverse and clean city, and there are many attractive visiting places in this city. Generally speaking, Toronto’s climate is very moderate, and the springs and summers in Toronto are usually very warm. The winters present a feeling of chilling to people in Toronto, and the temperature in winter is relatively low. From the above description, you can easily guess the rough period people can pay a visit to Toronto, and as a matter of fact, the best time to travel to this beautiful city is between Junes to the early time of October.

During this period, the temperature and weather is particularly suitable for traveling, besides, the most important thing is there will be a large number of festivals and events happening during this period. The city will be quite muggy and humid when July comes, and generally speaking, autumn is considered as the best time to visit Toronto. The winter in Toronto is chill, but there are lots of people prefer to go to Toronto to travel to enjoy the cheap vacation. As I have mentioned before, Toronto is the largest city in Canada, so the transportation in this city is definitely very convenient, and you can easily get arrive to wherever you want.

The subways, buses and streetcars are all the convenient transportation you can find and you can also rent a car to travel around the city. However, I really suggest you choose the public transportation, because renting a car is expensive and you might come across a lot of traffics. There are quite a lot of things which can keep you fully occupied in the whole day, and if you choose to visit the city in autumn, you can have the chance to admire the Toronto International Film Festival.

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