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So beautiful hot springs in the world

There are thousands of hot springs in the famous Yellowstone National Park in the United States. These hot springs are rippling with blue waves and water mist; hundreds of geysers spray boiling water columns. Among these hot springs, the most beautiful is the Morning Glory Pool hot spring.
Morning Glory Pool is a hot spring, and its temperature is usually much lower than that of geysers, so rich algae can thrive in it.
The biggest feature of Morning Glory Pool hot springs is that their colors vary with the water temperature.
When the temperature of Morning Glory Pool hot spring is 85℃, the algae in the spring are white; at 82℃, it is flesh-red; at 74℃, it is light yellow; at 68℃, it is yellow-green.
During the early opening of Yellowstone Park, tourists threw stones into the Morning Glory Pool spring. Coins caused the spring of the Morning Glory Pool spring to become blocked. As the water temperature gradually decreased, the pool slowly lost its previous style, which attracted the attention of the park management department.
Now Yellowstone Park has strengthened the protection of the Morning Glory Pool Spring.
There are many springs in Yellowstone Park because there are many high-temperature lavas underground in the area. These lavas heat the groundwater to boiling. The spring water flows out, seeps or spews out of the cracks in the surface, forming hot springs, hot springs and geysers.

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