Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

The most beautiful city in the Netherlands

Utrecht is located in the middle of the Netherlands, only a half-hour drive from Amsterdam, and is known as the heart of the Netherlands. It is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, just behind Rotterdam and The Hague, has the number one university in the Netherlands, and the hometown of Miffy Rabbit. This ancient Dutch city with a history of two thousand years which is very worth visiting. The medieval buildings in the old town are well-preserved, and the ancient canals are winding, making it an exquisite and poetic ancient city. There are no bustling tourists in Amsterdam. It is not only the most beautiful city in the minds of local Dutch people, but also the starting point of the 2016 Tour de France. This is a top-level honor in Europe, which is collectively crazy for cycling. It is an affirmation of the scenery of Utrecht.

Utrecht also has a name “Miffy Rabbit’s Hometown”. Its creator, Dick Bruner, was born here in 1927. He used concise lines and simple words to depict a beautiful Miffy world, which was translated into more than 60 languages ​​and sold more than 100 million copies worldwide. After Bruner’s death, the city government built a huge Miffy rabbit in his memory, wearing a suit and bow tie, Dick’s iconic beard and glasses. If you have the opportunity to come to Utrecht, you must visit the Miffy Rabbit Museum to ensure that you can regain the joy of childhood.

In Europe, every ancient town is defined by a church, and Utrecht is no exception. Its St. Martin’s Cathedral is the oldest Gothic church in the Netherlands. It was built in 1254 and was not completed until 1517. The 15th century frescoes and medieval style courtyard are the biggest attractions of the cathedral. It’s a pity that when I was there, the interior of the church was repaired, and I could only walk around in the courtyard to appreciate the exterior details of the building.

There is an antique and elegant building next to the cathedral, which is a place for every tourist to take photos. This Neo-Renaissance-style building built in 1894 is part of the famous Utrecht University. This prestigious university built in 1636 gave birth to 12 Nobel Prize winners. As one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands, Utrecht University is an important chapter in the history of this old city.

The bell tower of Utrecht Cathedral is one of the miracles of Gothic architecture. It was built in 1321. Originally, the bell tower and the church were integrated. Later, the passage connecting the bell tower and the church collapsed in a hurricane in 1674. Became an independent building. The bell tower is 112 meters high, it is the tallest bell tower in the Netherlands and the best landmark in the ancient city. It is impossible to get lost in Utrecht. Just look up at the tall figure of the clock tower and you will have a direction.

Going up the bell tower to look down on the ancient city, the canals meander through and through. These ancient canals are the most distinctive place in Utrecht. In the 11th century, after the Holy Roman Emperor Henry V obtained Utrecht’s town privileges, he began to build canals and establish a water transportation system. Utrecht, with its important position, gradually became an important trading center in the northern Netherlands, relying on the convenience of shipping. In the 13th century, the canal project was further upgraded, the city gate system was completed, and the water level of the old city canal became more stable and controllable. So a unified cellar warehouse was built along the canal to form a nearly two-kilometer port. Since then, the canal has been integrated with Utrecht in the 900-year history and has become an indispensable soul of the ancient city.

The biggest feature of the Utrecht Canal is that the street is 5 meters higher than the water surface of the canal, and the cellars on both sides of the canal are just below the street. The 5-meter drop gives people the illusion that there are two floors above and below. A three-dimensional urban landscape is formed on both sides of the canal, even in the Netherlands, where there are so many canals.

Dutch girls have very high looks, and they are all young and beautiful beauties. The Dutch love outdoor sports, cycling, sailing, kayaking, skating and skiing, accompany each child’s growth, so they have a healthy and energetic beauty.

The BBC once rated Utrecht as one of the happiest and most livable cities in the world, and Lonely Planet has also listed it as one of the ten charming niche cities in the world. As long as you have been to Utrecht, you will agree with this evaluation.

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