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The most beautiful star fortress in the world

The Netherlands is famous for its well-preserved star-shaped fortresses, and I have had the honor to visit a few when traveling in the Netherlands. Now let’s talk about Narrden, the most famous star-shaped fortress in the Netherlands. It was once rated as one of the nine most beautiful star-shaped fortresses in the world. From the aerial bird’s eye view found on the Internet, it can be seen that Naarden is composed of a two-layer moat and a hexagonal fortress, which looks like a huge snowflake from the sky. A well-preserved star fortress like Naarden is extremely rare, and it is also the only fortress in Europe with a double wall and a moat.

Naarden is not only a star-shaped fortress, it is surrounded by the fertile field canal forest, next to the Hoy Lake, the scenery is very beautiful. Therefore, it was selected by the Dutch magazine Elsevier, beating 441 other Dutch towns and becoming the most liveable city in the Netherlands.

The most important gate of the ancient city is the South Gate Utrecht Gate, which was built in 1877 because the direction of this gate leads to Utrecht in the south. The other direction is the Amsterdam Gate in the north, which leads to Amsterdam as the name suggests, but this gate was demolished in 1915 to make way for a wider road.

Naarden is like a typical Dutch town, with narrow alleys and small streets. Although wars continued in the Middle Ages, various buildings in the 17th century are well preserved. Except for the two churches, most buildings generally have only two to three floors. .

Star fortress

The most important buildings in ancient European cities are the cathedral and the city hall, and Naarden is not an exception. Its St. Vitus Cathedral was built in 1455-1518, with a tower height of 73 meters. Ascend the tower to overlook Naarden, but unfortunately it is not the peak season of travel and the clock tower is not open every day.

Naarden’s city hall is a quaint building, built in the 17th century, in a typical Renaissance style. It has two triangular gables that are particularly eye-catching. The locals registered their marriages here. There is a double-headed eagle carving on the lintel at the entrance, which is the emblem of Naarden.

Although there are various ancient buildings to see in the ancient city, my favorite is to walk around the city wall. The city wall is also a strong fortress embankment, covered by thick lawns and planted with towering trees, giving it a sense of lush fields. If you come to Naarden in summer, you can also take a cruise on the canal.

The earliest history of Naarden can be traced back to the 9th century AD. It obtained city rights in 1300 and later developed into a bustling commercial and textile industry center. Due to the importance of its geographical location, Naarden has been hit by many wars. At the beginning of the Dutch War of Independence in 1572, a Spanish army burned down the entire town and massacred most of its residents.

At the end of the War of Independence, the Dutch began to build star-shaped fortresses. From the 16th to the 17th century, the number of star-shaped fortresses built in the Netherlands was more than any other country in Europe. The Naarden Fortress is the product of this period. In 1675, the fortifications of the fort were renewed and expanded to look like a star-shaped fortress today.

Today’s fortress is like a beautiful park around the city, where people walk, sit, ride, walk their dogs, find their favorite corners, and enjoy nature.

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