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The southernmost city in the world

Ushuaia is located at the southernmost tip of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, across the Strait of Magellan from the South American continent, 3,200 kilometers away from Buenos Aires, the capital of the country, and only 800 kilometers away from Antarctica. It is the southernmost city in the world. , Often referred to as the end of the world.

In Indian language, Ushuaia means “a bay to watch the sunset”. When it is sunset, climb up the hills and look at the bay in the sunset. the waters and skies merge in one colour, and the clouds are beautiful and beautiful.

Ushuaia is surrounded by mountains and water, lush hillsides and towering white snow-capped mountains complement each other. Various buildings with different tones are located between the sparkling Beagle waterway and the green mountains and white snow. On the other side of the waterway, the snow-capped mountains in Chile are also experienced The project constitutes a beautiful picture.

Ushuaia was built along the Beagle waterway. The bank is a wide Mayip Avenue. There are modern buildings on both sides of the street, as well as simple houses with galvanized iron roofs and wooden houses from decades ago. It is one or two stories high and looks simple and quiet. The main street in the city is San Martin Avenue-San Martin is a hero who has made a significant contribution to the liberation of Argentina-this is a commercial street, except for restaurants, are basically shops selling all kinds of outdoor products.

Running all the way to the end of the earth, there is no reason not to have fun with this small and exquisite city. The following points are the most not to be missed.

Hiking in Tierra del Feugo, the southernmost national park in the world

Tierra del Fuego National Park is the southernmost natural ecological reserve in the world. Those who love hiking will naturally not miss the opportunity to get close to it. From downtown Ushuaia to Tierra del Fuego National Park, you can take a minibus for 400 pesos and 130 pesos for Tierra del Fuego. There are also small trains to choose from during peak seasons.

In this special park, we can see the most primitive forests and many parasites with characteristics of the frigid zone. There are large tracts of American beech, sometimes wild cherries, birches and other frigid plants; the moist ground is covered with rich moss and lichen, and the colors are very gorgeous.

There are many hiking routes in Tierra del Fuego. We choose to walk along the coast in the general direction, and of course we will pass through the primeval forest from time to time. When it was cloudy, there was light rain, but it was not cold, and the humid and clean air made the body feel very comfortable.

The hiking trails of Tierra del Fuego do not have green roads or plank roads. It is absolutely natural. If there should be water, there should be water, and if there is mud, there will be mud. As a last resort, a small bridge or a wooden ladder will be built, which is not touched by the so-called tall. , Very original ecology, but yellow wooden sticks will be inserted as road signs every short distance or where it is not easy to distinguish. We greatly appreciate this. This is to respect nature and protect the environment.

There are not many animals in this section of the road, there are many snow peaks, and I am very happy to see a bird or two.

We walked very quickly, the whole 15 kilometers of hiking trail, and took about 3 hours to walk and take pictures, and passed many people along the way.

The southernmost post office in the world

The Unidad Postal Fin del Mundo (Unidad Postal Fin del Mundo) is located in Tierra del Fuego National Park, and it is also the starting point for our hike. The person in charge of the post office is an old grandfather, a very patriotic old man. The plank road leading to the Beagle Channel in front of the post office is covered with Argentine flags.

The special geographical location determines its uniqueness, so every day countless tourists make a special trip to check in. The small post office sells postcards with the words “Postal at the End of the World”, which can be filled out on the spot and mailed to all over the world, or you can bring the postcards you have prepared and ask the staff to stamp them with penguin patterns.

Unfortunately, he didn’t see the grandfather that day, so he went on vacation. The guy on duty stamped us with a stamp with the head of the old man, but the stamp cost 30 pesos.

Take a boat to see the penguins and take a photo with the lighthouse at the end of the world

If there is no plan to go to the Antarctic, then the boat trip to Ushuaia cannot be missed. There are several packages to choose from: the shortest two hours, including Bird Island, Sea Lion Island and the End of the World Lighthouse; Penguin Island round trip for 4-5 hours (without landing), and there is also an island landing trip.

Our choice is Canal Beagle, the ticket is 1500 pesos/person (100 US dollars), the tax is 20 pesos, the boat departs at 9 am and returns to Ushuaia at 13:30. The boat is very large and luxurious, and can accommodate up to 168 people. , There are tour guides in English and Spanish.

The waves in the Beagle Strait are not big. The small islands protruding in the strait are habitats and breeding grounds for penguins, sea lions, fur seals and various birds.

Eat the best king crab in the world

There are many restaurants in Ushuaia that sell Centolla Entela. After inquiring about it, we chose Reastaurant Villaggio. A local friend told us that his crab is the best quality. We ordered a 1.5kg king crab for 1,200 pesos.

In order to show sincerity, the waiter will bring the live crabs for you to look at, and then take them back for weighing. Of course, you must choose the simplest cooking method for the best ingredients. Steaming is the best respect for the top king crabs!

King crabs are affordable and beer is very expensive. A 500cc Cape horn beer is 115 pesos.

Finding the right hotel just got a whole lot easier -

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