Published On: Sun, Nov 15th, 2015

Tips for Exploring Stuttgart, Germany

Tips-for-Exploring-Stuttgart,-Germany1Stuttgart is a popular tourist destination in Germany where you will never run out of activities to do, as well as places to visit for tourists of all ages. This article focuses on some of popular destinations Stuttgart has to offer, along with some popular activities to do. If you want to taste the culture or experience a little of Germany, then go on reading:

Bakeries. When travel to Stuttgart, you should visit as many bakeries as you can. It seems that there are at least one bakery on every block as there’s a 7 Eleven in every corner of Bakeries. Some of these bakeries include Kamps, Lang and Backzeit. There are a variety of breads, some of which are plain, some of which are desert, and some of which has cheese sprinkled on top. Do not forget to taste a chocolate croissant and Quarktaschen, which is a Stuttgart native treat.

Kellesberg Messe. Kellesberg Messe is a beautiful place full of life, which is a paradise for kids to have fun, because they are offered the chance to play on the playground equipment, ride a small train all around the park, visit flamingos and their friends, or get wet with terrific moving fountains. For adults, Kellesberg Messe is perfect for hiking where offers a lot of walking trails, or go and relax under willow trees. Do not miss a tower that Kellesberg Messe has to offer where you can climb up to get a stunning view.

The Chinese Garden. Situated on Birkenwaldstrasse in Stuttgart, Germany, the Chinese Garden is a very popular place to go. The Chinese Garden is not a park to a certain degree but a garden where blessed with calm and serene atmosphere. Just enjoy your day!

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