Published On: Wed, Jun 27th, 2018

Top 3 Tourist Attractions in France

Top-3-Tourist-Attractions-in-France1France is a popular tourist destination blessed with eternal beauty, unforgettable history, as well as incandescent romance. France has a surprise for every ardent tourist from all over the world. It would be an impossible task, if you want to explore every square inch of the land in one trip. However, there are some must-visit tourist attractions in France that you cannot miss out, if you are a fervent traveler, such as:

La Tour Eiffel. There is no need to say that La Tour Eiffel is the number one tourist attraction in France. Established in 1889, by Gustave Eiffel, as an entrance arch for the World’s Fair, today La Tour Eiffel makes a mighty contribution to national pride. Therefore, if you are visiting France, La Tour Eiffel is surely a place you’ve got to visit.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. Literally translated as ‘Our Lady of Paris’ in English, the Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral beats Eiffel tour in terms of visitors, which are somewhere about 13 million. Louis VII began building the cathedral in 1163, which was completed around 1345 by the fourth architect finally. A victim to the French Revolution and several other scars, the Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris is a survival relic.

Musée du Louvre. Musée du Louvre is largest palace museum where is a host to some of most coveted and famous paintings around the world. Its displays include Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, as well as some other remarkable works by Raphael, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. The palatial museum also is home to Etruscan, Greek, Egyptian and Roman antiquities. The old fortress has incredible collectibles which are worth a look.

All in all, the opulent architecture and the mere brilliance of its vibrant culture of France is a stunning sight that deserve exploring.

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