Published On: Tue, Apr 5th, 2016

Tour to Australia

Tour to Australia2Australia is one very beautiful country with the beautiful natural scenery, the stunning beaches and islands, the delicious cuisine and other attractive things. In the past few years, lots of people go to this country to spend their holidays and vacations, and they really have experienced a lot during the tour to Australia. When you pay a visit to Australia, you can find lots of things to keep you occupied, from enjoy the warm sunshine in the beach, hiking through the bush, do the various water activities to taste the delicious meals, Australia can really offer you lots of things to have fun.

If you want to explore the mysterious part to Australia, then you should go to Uluru, which is really amazing when you watch the views from the sky. Lots of tourist who have been to here suggest people view it on the helicopter, because it is very large and wide, and the helicopter tour can really give you the chance to overlook the whole stunning views. Some talent people also choose to take a hot air balloon ride to watch the stunning views of Uluru, and you have to remember to take pictures for this tremendous stone.

Next you can go to the Great Barrier Reef, which is regarded as one of the seven natural wonders in the whole world, and it is located at the coastline of the Queensland with a length of more than two thousand kilometers. If you want to see the amazing part of the reef, then you’d better dive in to the deep water, and there are a large variety of tropical fishes and colorful corals with various sizes. You can dive into the ocean to touch close to the marine life, and you can snorkel into the ocean to experience the living coral reef aquarium.

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