Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

Where to Visit in Berlin

Where to Visit in Berlin2Berlin is a very beautiful and attractive city, and as the capital city of Germany, Berlin is also a very famous and popular travel destination. Berlin is a city full of charm and mystery, and there are lots of historical monuments in the city. When traveling in Berlin, you cannot miss the following attractive places in Berlin.

When it comes to the attractions in Berlin, you should firstly pay a visit to Brandenburg Gate, which is located in the main square of Plariser Plaz, and Brandenburg Gate can offer tourists the majestic views. In fact, Brandenburg Gate is considered as the symbol of division between West Germany and East Germany during World War II, and you can also learn more about the local history when visiting Brandenburg Gate.

Near Brandenburg Gate, you can find the beautiful structure of the Reichstag, which play the role of the sear of the German Parliament at the present time. Reichstag is featured with the dome of glass and steel with energy-saving systems, and the structure is open to the public, so you shouldn’t miss your trip to Reichstag. For those people who are interested in exploring the local history, you should visit the historic Eberstrasse Holocaust Monument, which is built in honor of the victims during the war.

Another beautiful museum is Jewish Museum of Libeskind, which is located in the historic center of Mitte, and the museum is designed in the 17th century. When getting inside the museum, you can find lots of things, including collections, exhibitions, documents and testimonies of the Jewish culture from the period of Nazism, and if you are traveling with your children, then you can take them to see the demonstrations and educational activities.

Lastly, you cannot miss the trip to the huge cylinder AquaDom aquarium, and it is actually one high glass tower located inside the luxurious lobby of the Radisson Sas Hotel. There are a large number of colorful fishes and other marine species inside the aquarium, so if you are traveling with your children, then AquaDom aquarium is a perfect place to visit. Children will have a good time with animals, and they will have an unforgettable experience during the trip.

From here, we can see that there are so many attractions in Berlin, and each of them has their own charm. You will feel satisfied when traveling in Berlin, and hope you enjoy your trip in this beautiful city.

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