Published On: Fri, Sep 19th, 2014

Planning Your Trip to Xiushan Island

Xiushan Island Scenic Spot

Located in the east region of Daishan Island in China, Xiushan Island is very famous for its natural scenic spots. This island is full of the mud, sandy beaches and rocks. The Xiushan Island might be small, but it is particularly full of the uneven terrain. There are many arborous trees and forests in this island, so If you like to talk a walk in the forest, here is definitely a great place to go. As for those people who love exploring the mysterious caves, the Xiushan Island has lots of picturesque caves waiting for your exploration.

The delicious food might be the most important reason why it attracts so many tourists. Closing to the sea, the most popular food in the island is seafood, and you can taste various kind of seafood with different cook ways. The outdoor seafood BBQ probably is the most popular way to taste the seafood. Apart from the food, there are lots of wonderful water activities in the island. If you are traveling with children, you can choose to go to the amusement parks to have fun with your children, and there are many different kinds of activities and programs in the island. When you taste the local food and join in the program or activities, you can really learn more about the tradition and culture of the island.

There is one special place I highly recommend to you, and it is the slippery mud theme park. This special park is situated at the northwest area of the Xiushan Island, and it is famous for its activities which all combine the art and nature perfectly. The advantageous location also makes this park more attractive. The front of park is the shallow offshore waters, and the back is the wetland nature reserve. Tourists are super happy when they having fun in the mud and they also play some activities to relax themselves.

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